Quality Lading Crafts and OSRV's

QME Land-SeaMarine Vessels are versatile crafts capable of responding to all kinds of oilspill scenarios. These boats are constructed entirely of aluminum, feature a robustdouble hull construction, and are available in a range of sizes. Propulsion options include inboard, outboard,I/O, and jet drives. A large open deck and full width bow ramp found on thesevessels serve to offer a stable work platform from which to conduct spillresponse operations. Furthermore, the close proximity of the deck to the waterlevel allows for safe and easy deployment of oil boom and skimmers. 

Considerationshave also been given to the decontamination, transportation, and maintenance ofthese crafts. Features such as a completely flat, open deck allow for pressurewashing, and the inherently light weight aluminum construction makes the vesseleasy to lift for transport and maintenance. In addition, these vessels can beequipped to perform duties aside from spill response. Examples of these includecargo hauling, construction, and diving operations.


Features and Benefits 

·   Custom built, available in a wide range of sizes.

·   Rugged, welded marine grade aluminum construction.

·   Large, flat deck and substantial cargo capacity.

·   Self-bailing, double hull construction.

·   Shallow draft, superior maneuverability.

·   Variety of wheelhouse/console designs.

·   High transit speeds