Quicksep Canada Ltd.

The QuickSep System

Quicksep’s in-house technology is based on using our patented Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) that we like to call Micro-Sep. Unlike conventional DAF technology we are able to generate our bubbles by diverting a small portion of the influent (untreated flowback water) through our bubble generator. The Micro-Sep does not require expensive compressors to generate the bubbles like conventional (DAF). The Micro-Sep also can efficiently generate the smallest bubbles and nano-bubbles in the market. This allows our system to work much more effectively and efficiently than our competitors.

The above flow diagram defines how our produced water treatment system will be set up. Flowback water will be taken through an oil water separator to remove any free oil and send to separate containment. The next step is to float the suspended solids using Micro-Sep into a sludge that will be skimmed off to a dewatering press and turned into a cake. The third step is to run the fluid through our self-cleaning media filters to remove additional particulate that may have got through the Micro-Sep. The final step is to treat the water with ozone to kill or de-activate any micro-organisms. The final product is pumped back to storage for reuse in fracking operations.


Unit of Measure







TSS Removal



Oil& Grease




The system has been designed using simplified methods and robust components with reasonable capital costs and relatively low operating costs. These components have been designed to fit into skid mounted insulated shipping containers. The structure will be insulated and external lines heat traced to deal with harsh environments of the north. The Quicksep treatment system will be contained in a single 53’ shipping container a separate 40’ container is designated for office/lab, chemical storage, tool crib, washroom, power generation.

Oilfield Applications

QuickSep has designed a waste water treatment system for the purpose of flow back and produced water reuse. The Quicksep system is able to provide a cost effective solution that will significantly remove hydrocarbons and lower the Total Suspended Solids (TSS) of flow back and produced water. This system can efficiently provide recycled water that can be economically reused for various stages of well completion and production. Quicksep’s patented Dissolved Air Flotation System (DAF) with the trade name “Microsep” along with other quality components can deliver a robust water treatment system tailored to work in the oil industry’s harsh environment. When presented with the benefits, we expect oil companies will be eager to integrate our technology into their operations.

Manufacturing Applications

The QuickSep system provides technology that is used to treat effluent generated from industrial waste that can be found in steel and metals mills, painting and coating plants, and many other manufacturing facilities that use fluids and water to either cool, lubricate, clean, or produce their products. All systems can be tailored to provide the best possible solution for your facility