Quick Flow Pumps

Queensboro Marine manufactures its own marine and oilfield hydraulic driven pumps.

The Quick Flow hydraulic pump is the most versatile in its class. The applications are endless for this extremely robust pump. Designed to be used as either a submersible or an inline charge pump. You can pretty much hook this little pump up to anything and complete big jobs.

Marine Applications

Our pumps have been designed to be paired with all of our oil spill response equipment thought the marine applications are endless, from barge offloading to emergency pumping these pumps are lightweight and ready for the tough jobs put in-front of them.
  • Skimmer transfer pump
  • Bladder pumping
  • Barge Offloading
  • Bulk fuel delivery
  • Underwater Jetting
  • Emergency bilge pumping


Oil Field Applications

When it comes to oilfield applications there is no match for the capabilities of the Quick Flow pump. The robust design allows for the pumping of heavy suspended solids and abrasives which are found in many of oilfield fluids. Below are only a few of the oilfield applications

  • Well cellar pumping (20lbs drill mud)
  • Frac tank pumping
  • Slurry pumping
  • Fuel delivery / Bulk oil transfer
  • 400bbl tank pumping
  • Water management