Versatile Hydraulic Power Packs

QME hydraulic power packs offer an economical, reliable andversatile solution for driving various types of hydraulic equipment such asboom reels, oil skimmers, pumps and air blowers. Every one of our power packsis tailored to meet application specific service requirements. Starting from aselection of engine and motor options, these power packs are available with arange of power outputs and can be equipped to simultaneously drive multiplehydraulic circuits.

All QME power packs come mounted on marine grade aluminum framesand feature all aluminum hydraulic tanks on which optional powder coating isavailable for further protection against corrosion. Moreover, these power packscan be customized to increase portability simply through the addition of wheelsin small units or, through a modular design that allows for air lifting inlarger units. Our power packs are also supplied with premium quality hydraulichoses and appropriate quick disconnect couplings. Overall, these features makeQME hydraulic power packs the ideal choice for use with oil spill responseequipment as they are an accessible and reliable source of power.

Features and Benefits

·     Choice of engine/motor types – diesel, electric, gas

·      Wide range of power options

·      Light weight aluminum construction

·      Simple to maintain and operate

·      Enclosed or Open Design

·      Hose Management Systems