QME-100 Skimmer
QME-100 Skimmer
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Quality Response Solutions

The company’s knowledge of marine equipment and hydraulic systems initiated the development of  Oil Spill Response Equipment.   Queensboro Marine has advanced its position in this industry since completing Ohmsett testing and certification. Ohmsett is recognized by all major Coast Guard and Port Authorities along with national responders. Unlike many competitors, we work to the standards of the knowledge we gained at Ohmsett and follow strict quality control methods in house.   To date we have continuously diversified our product line to stay competitive in the marketplace.

The Oil Spill Response Product Line consists of:

·       OilSkimmers

·       Hydraulic Power Systems

·       HydraulicTransfer Pumps (Quick Flow)

·       Training and Operational Preparedness.

·       Oil Containment Boom

·       Boom Reels

·       Response Vessels (Landing Crafts / Work Boats)

·       Containment Bladders and Barges

·       Storage Containers

·       Mobile Response Equipment (Vehicles / Trailers)

·       Absorbents

In realizing the vast number of environments in which oil recovery equipment have to function, Queensboro Marine is proud to have the expertise to custom build specialized equipment – all of which is done in-house.

To date, Queensboro Marine has supplied a number of oil spill response contractors and oil companies worldwide with a variety of conventional and custom built equipment. Some of these customers include:

  • - Seaspan International, Canada
  • - Marine Spill Response Corporation (MSRC), USA
  • - BP West Coast Products, USA
  • - Seacor Environmental Products, USA
  • - Suez Canal Authority SCA sold through Abasco and Foilex
  • - Naviera Bourbon Tamaulipas, Mexico