No.1 in Gillnet Dums

Salomn Fisheries

Queensboro Marine has been the foremost manufacturer of Gillnet Fishing Reels/Drums on the Westcoast of Canada for more than 51 years. In the early years we developed innovations such as the Levelwinder, Stern Roller and the Husky Internal Drive. These trailblazing innovations can only be found at Queensboro Marine. All other products on the market simply replicate.

No.1 in Longline Drums

Halibut, Cod, Prawn, and Crab Fisheries

Recognised as the most Robust Longline Reel on the market with an extruded core (not rolled) of 7/8" Wall Thickness. The most extreme fisherman will not crack these drums. Paired with a 5 Piston hydraulic motor and a hydraulic Spooler these drums are designed to be simple and effective. Avoid breakdowns and fish like a pro with a Queensboro Marine Longline Drum.