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For over 51 years, Queensboro Marine Equipment Ltd. has been a prominent manufacturer in the commercial fishing industry, designing equipment such as prawn and crab haulers, gillnet drum and level winders, long line drums and spoolers, shrimp reels, anchor winches, boom winches, net haulers, US and Canadian herring reels and shakers, custom hydraulic systems and many other types of marine equipment.

Queensboro Marine Equipment Today

Developed on the West Coast of Canada, our Equipment has proven to be the longest lasting and most productive in the industry. With 51 years of Commercial Fishing industry we are of the very few that have survived the decline of our industry. This can be attested to the fact that our products have proven to be of the best quality and most effective on the fishing grounds.

Russian Crab Pot Hauler
Gillnet Levelwinder
Medium Anchor Winch