Oil Spill Response Equipment Customers

Marine Spill ResponseCorporation (MSRC USA):

  • 38– QME-30 dual bank 30 ton skimmers with hydraulic control centres to be tied into their response vessel hydraulic systems.

Aasco Oil Spill Response Products(Ecuador)

  • 12–QME 25 single bank 25 ton skimmers and hydraulic power units.

Suez Canal Port Authority

  • 3– QME 100 TaZ single bank self propelled 100 to skimmer and hydraulic power units using Foilex transfer pumps.

  Naviera Bourbon

  • 1-QME-100 TaZ skimmer package with out propulsion. Standard package. 

  BP West Coast Products (West Coast USA)

  • 2- QME-30 two bank skimmers complete with 46 Hp diesel power units. 

  Rocky Mountain Environmental Ltd. (Ecuador)

  • 2- QME-25 single bank skimmers complete with 4.7 Hp diesel power packs 

  Versatech Products (Russia)

  •  1- QME-25 single bank oil skimmer 

  Petroleos Mexicanos (Mexico)

  •  1-QME-80 skimmers complete with transfer pumps and 43 hp diesel power units. The skimmer was tested and certified by a thrid party  for the recovery characteristics required by the client.

   MH Supplies Export (Ecuador)

  •  9-Hydraulic driven 80m3/hr skimmer with 115hp hydraulic power units. 21 Landing Crafts, Oil Booms and Boom Reels.